So I quit my job and bought a one way ticket to the UK where my dreams of perpetually traveling the world begins.  Equipped with my backpack, passport, Go Pro camera, enough cash to get by for a little bit without any income and a plan of experiencing the endless opportunities surrounding me.  Hopefully I can inspire others to take the plunge and travel the world and share some insights into what to do (and not to do) from my (mis) adventures.

While my biggest and most spontaneous adventure is starting here, I am definitely not scared of trying new things – from scuba diving with sharks and manta rays in Bali and the Solomon Islands and sailing along the east coast of Australia to learning how to Snowboard and going on hot air balloon rides over my beautiful hometown of Canberra.

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The real adventure begins – Superyachts

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Anyone who has known me the past two years knows that I have been working towards getting a job on a superyacht. It has been all that I have talked about! (well that and Scuba Diving).  Now, as I sit here organising how I will be getting to London, I realise that I leave in…
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MIA: Where I have been the past month

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It's been a while since I lasted posted anything here and thankfully it's not because I haven't done anything interesting.  I have been to Inverness in Scotland, caught up with one of my friends Jamie and did some touristy stuff around Edinburgh and visited Germany! Oh and not to brag but I did visit some…
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Guide to moving to and living in the UK

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I'm sure everyone at some point or another has wished they could quit their job and move to some tropical island (or some other really cool place) and never work another day in their life. To be honest the idea of working 9 -5 makes me cringe!!  But the idea of never working bores me…
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Interesting things to do near Edinburgh

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So I've been doing a few random things around Edinburgh and the surrounding region.  Here's a few of the more interesting things I've done: Soccer (or should I say football) - Glasgow I have finally been to a european football match (soccer for those in Australia)!  Oh boy! Was it different to the AFL and rugby matches…
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First stop Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Castle Legend has it that if a student visits Edinburgh Castle they will end up failing their final exams.  Good thing I'm no longer a student, Ryan however, decided to throw caution to the wind and show me the castle despite being in his final semester at uni. We decided to take a guided…
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